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SoyBoy Okara Courage Burger — Rated the number one meat-replacement product in Eating Well Magazine’s Veggie Burger Challenge: “One product, a SoyBoy patty called the Okara Courage Burger, did stand out from the rest. … these relatively low-fat burgers were judged well-seasoned, fresh-tasting and chickenlike.” Courage Burgers are all-natural, contain no cholesterol, and are meatless. Made with organic okara, which is a by-product of tofu.

SoyBoy Breakfast Links are low fat with no cholesterol and nothing artificial. This is absolutely the best-tasting vegetarian breakfast meat alternative available.

SoyBoy Not Dogs are the original, award-winning, vegetarian hot dogs-since 1982. Made from organic tofu, they are all-natural, low in fat, wheat and dairy free, with a great mild flavor and smooth texture — plus there is no cholesterol and only 105 calories per dog.

SoyBoy Vegetarian Franks are low fat, cholesterol free and have only 65 calories per dog. Enjoy “Real Hot Dog Flavor in an All-Natural Meatless Frank.


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