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Original Tofu Ravioli is made with superior durum flour for a light texture and is filled with a deliciously seasoned organic tofu filling. Itís perfect for lactose-intolerant people and a great way to introduce a friend to organic tofu!

Ravioli Rosa combines the light taste of tomato pasta with a roasted sweet red pepper and organic tofu filling. Enjoy it with a light sauce or a simple vinegarette dressing.

Ravioli Verde starts with the subtle taste of spinach pasta and adds to it a garden herb-seasoned organic tofu ó great with your favorite veggie sauce!

No Preservatives, Nothing Artificial
Contains Certified USDA Organic Tofu
No Genetically Modified Organisms in Any Ingredient
Low Fat -- No Trans Fat
Low Sodium
No Cholesterol
A Heart Healthy Food
Naturally Occurring Soy Isoflavones



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