Please note: None of the tempeh we manufacture is included in the current FDA tempeh recall. In addition, all our tempeh is pasteurized to ensure food safety.

For nutritional information and ingredients, click on product label images.

SoyBoy Organic Soy Tempeh's unique fermentation process makes the soybeans easily digestible and creates a rich, savory flavor. Our tempeh’s great texture is perfect for an easy-to-fix sandwich or a hearty vegetarian chili.

SoyBoy Organic 5 Grain Tempeh is a lighter, low-fat version of soy tempeh with the flavor and texture of five certified organic grains. It contains only 3 grams of fat and to our knowledge it is the only low-fat tempeh on the market.

No Preservatives, Nothing Artificial
Certified USDA Organic
No Genetically Modified Organisms in Any Ingredient
No Trans Fat
Low Sodium
No Cholesterol
A Heart Healthy Food
Naturally Occurring Soy Isoflavones



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