SoyBoy Organic Tofu was the first product we produced back in 1977. Our manufacturing process has evolved, but we still use the same healthy ingredients, starting with certified organic soybeans. And since tofu is about three-quarters water, we’ve installed a natural activated charcoal water purification system that kills bacteria and filters out undesirable flavors and pollutants.

To our knowledge, we’re the only tofu maker in North America that uses a natural calcium chloride nigari as a coagulant. Therefore, if you compare our tofu to other brands, you’ll probably find that is higher in protein and has more calcium.

For nutritional information and ingredients, click on product label images.

No Preservatives, Nothing Artificial
Certified USDA Organic
No Genetically Modified Organisms in Any Ingredient
Low Fat -- No Trans Fat
Low Sodium
No Cholesterol
Very Low Carbs
A Heart Healthy Food
Naturally Occurring Soy Isoflavones



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